Can I Transfer Files Using Chrome Remote Desktop?

As the title says, is it possible to transfer files from a remotely controlled PC to the PC you're using to control it through Chrome Remote Desktop? I use Chrome Remote Desktop to remote into a few different PCs and it's really difficult to transfer a document or something while remotely connected. 

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Unfortunately, that's not something that Chrome Remote Desktop supports. If it's your own PC, you could install Google Drive or Dropbox. I use that with my PCs. If I accidentally save something on my desktop, I just throw it into a Google Drive folder and it'll sync right away with the remote PC I'm using. You could also use the web interface as well. I think that's probably the easiest method. Other methods I can think of probably is to email it to yourself if it's a small enough file or if you're on someone else's computer, you could email it to them.

If all else fails, you could also use TeamViewer for a file transfer if you really need to.