Come and Play Black Light Retribution with us!


New FPS game by the name of Black Light Retribution has hit Steam.
Come play with me and my friend FLo via Steam/Skype.

Steam: dAznMutha
Skype: Kleptophilia
BLR: xKonquest

Also debating on creating a clan for BLR.
Let me know if you guys are interested.
It would be a multigame clan that revolves around:

Dota 2
Planetside 2
Guild Wars 2
and more.

Just need to see how many people at interested.



Staff member
If anyone decides to play some Blacklight, I've got a promo code from E3 that'll get you some free gear - most likely limited edition E3 only stuff. First PM to me gets it. :)

PM me only if you play please... lol don't be greedy :p