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Just wondering, how active are you on forums? How many do you follow? What are your opinions of them?

Me personally, I like to be an active contributor on more united forums like this one :). I feel that this forum is very accepting of everyone and engages everyone in conversations.

I follow 2, CPCR and a Head-Fi. The problem with head-fi is that I don't feel like part of a group or friends the same goes with Team Liquid.

Lastly, I love forums. I have been a part of forums for a long time. Forums give people like myself an opportunity to engage in reviews, opinions and a chance to move up and contribute more by becoming and editor just like myself.

I'd love to read your ideas! GLHF


Carson Chang

Senior Member
I've always been interested in joining a forum but I couldn't find one that I liked. I like forums that have a smaller community because that way, I feel more like a part of the forum. That's why I'm really enjoying CPCR. It is currently the only forum I follow.



Senior Member
With forums to feel part of it, you have to be well known or start early

i love forums but i don't find too many i can really get into,

and on how active i am on the forum, look at my post count.



Staff member
Oh, oh, I'm really active on the CPCR forums! Haha!

I also used to follow Notebook Review forums big time when I used to use my Alienware, but no longer! Glad to hear you guys are liking the forums here. Let me know if there's anything we can improve on.... or drop it in the suggestions thread. As you guys know, I'm pretty chill so feel free to drop in some ideas. :biggrin:

I'll try to get the mumble server back up so we can all chat.