Im new to this, need some guidance

Hello !:D I'm kind of new to all this custom PC stuff but i'm a junior in highschool at the moment and i plan to go to college for IT/Computer Science so i think that knowing the insides of a PC will help me in college. If anyone could give me some topics to look up, things to research etc... it would be very, very much appreciated ! btw my mom gave me a PC thats a few years old, so as I learn new things i'm going to slowly upgrade this old PC. And my main goal is to build my own custom PC by the end of summer. Anything helps!



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Hey, welcome to the forums man. Glad you're interested in computers and tech. I'd be happy to point out some resources for you. =)

Are you more interested in computer hardware or software?



Hey there, I'm looking for some advice about piecing together my first desktop. I am a rising junior in college studying programming based game design. We are currently using Playstation Mobile Studio SDK to create 2d games in C#. I don't think we will get much into 3D graphics during undergrad, but it would be nice to have a rig that is suitable/upgradable to handle this type of thing over the next couple years should my career come to that. I was looking at the best workstation review ( and considering some of those builds. Are there any substitutions I can make to them to get the performance I need at as little cost possible? or would you recommend something different all together? It would also be nice to play some of the newer games if that is conducive for the same build. Any nudge in the right direction is appreciated! My 2010 MBP is just a slug running PSM through parallel. Thank you!