Intel or AMD Best for Video Editing PC Build?


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Hi custom pc community, I just read the Best Workstation PC Builds article. Great article that's very helpful. I have some questions. 

I'm trying to build a new video editing pc so i can edit some videos from my gopro and I also want to get into 3d modeling, but I'm not there yet. So far just want to put stuff on youtube, but I want to learn a bit more later. I noticed that all the workstation builds are all Intel. Is there any reason why it's all Intel? I've been reading a lot about AMD Ryzen. Seems that the prices are a lot cheaper and it's faster than Intel in a lot of stuff. 

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So far, we've only done Intel builds as AMD Ryzen is still in a bit buggy at the moment and just doesn't yet qualify as a true, rock solid workstation. Not that AMD is bad, but Intel just has had so much more time refining their CPUs that it's just much more thoroughly understood. That said, AMD is regularly rolling out bugfixes, so I'm confident it'll be a much better, much more stable platform down the road. If you're OK with running updates regularly and knowing that the system may not be perfect, AMD Ryzen does offer a lot of performance for the dollar. To swap to an AMD build all you have to do is just swap out the CPU to AMD Ryzen and an AMD Ryzen motherboard (probably X370 chipset based). 

Also, I'd follow the AMD gaming blog. The articles there are more catered towards gamers, but it gives good insight as to what's being fixed.



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@sam.chen thanks for the great information! I'm planning to build the computer sometime next month when I get some free time and do a bit more research. What are your thoughts on Threadripper vs Core i9?