Is Aliexpress Legit?

So here's an easy question. Has anybody tried Aliexpress? I was about to buy some USB C cables and it's insanely cheap on there. Like dollar cheap plus free shipping. 

USB Cable 1

USB Cable 2

Is this a scam? How the hell do they make money on a dollar USB cable shipped? 



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Yes, Aliexpress is legit. I've purchased quite a few things from Aliexpress before. Essentially it's like an Ebay except these are merchants who buy stuff in bulk from factories then resell it at a slight markup. Thanks to the Chinese government subsidizing much of this, the online retailers on Aliexpress can offer stuff like USB Type C cables for $1-2. There are a couple shady merchants on there just like on Ebay or Amazon, but generally speaking I think you'll be OK. The only big downside to Aliexpress is that their stuff will likely ship from China. As a result, you'll probably need to wait several weeks to over a month to receive your item. In my experience it takes about 3 weeks to go from China to the west coast of the US so if you live farther inland I imagine it'll take even longer. 



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Bought selfie sticks and bike jerseys on there before. Took a hell of a long time to deliver each time, but they delivered. Same products as those you see on Amazon, but a lot cheaper.