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Hey guys, tought this place could use some humor, so i think we should start a thread for good jokes,

i'll kick it off.

a old lady is walking along the street with 2 plastic bags, ash she crosses the road the bags rips and $100 dollar notes start to fall out, she doesnt notice but a nearby policeman did, he stops her and lets her know that the bag is ripped and she is dropping $100's, she replies well thank you, the cop asks " where did you get that money, did you steal it?" she said non no,
i live behind a football stadium and when the match is finished all the fans come and piss over my fence, so what i do is a get some hedge clippers and when they come to take a piss i say, $100 or i cut you dick off, the policeman was quite impressed with the old lady's idea, and then asks what's in the second bag?

well there are some who don't pay...

ok well, hope you enjoyed it as much as i did,
feel free to post many more, but try to keep them funny please.