Leetgion Starcraft II Tournament Live Stream 9/3, 9/4, 9/5, 9/9


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Hey guys, just got a message from Leetgion about a Starcraft II tournament they're holding in Spain.

If you're into Starcraft II and want to watch some tournament gameplay and show some support, be sure to check out the livestream. :biggrin:

LEETGION SC2 Tournament Livestream

Here's the times:

9/3 (First Round): 21:00h-22:00h (GMT+1)
9/4 (Second Round): 21:00h-22:00h (GMT+1)
9/5 (Quarter-Final): 21:00h-22:00h (GMT+1)
9/9 (Semifinals & Finals)—18:00h-22:00h (GMT+1)