Need comments about my future custom portable pc build


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Hello, im new here and not so pro at PC customization. Hope you guys can give me guidance toward my PC build. 

Well, heres the part that comes up in my mind.

CPU casing- Silverstone Raven RVZ01

PSU- SilverStone Technology 600W SFX


PROCESSOR- Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz LGA 1150

RAM- Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB x1-




What you guys think about it? I will be making this PC for portable use mainly for gaming. I have all the budget right now its just a matter of whether i am ready for it or not to buy all of the parts. Will all of this parts suit for each other? Is there any part that I should change because of incompatibility or not suitable? Thank you. Any comment is really appreciated.



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Not bad. Just a couple things I'd like to add. 

1. Go with 2x4GB rather than 1x8GB. Your CPU/motherboard uses dual channel memory so your ram will be running at half speed if you only run a single stick. Run either two or four for best performance. 

2. I'm not sure why you chose that Transcend SSD, but the Samsung 850 EVO is what you want. 250GB can be picked up for <$100 these days. I'd personally go with the 500GB and ditch that HDD. 

3. Speaking of HDDs. That HDD is designed for HTPC, IPTV, video recording applications and is not suited for your use. Personally I'd go with as large of a SSD as financially possible to remove the HDD altogether. That specific case you chose may have issues with airflow if you went with a traditional 3.5" HDD. The 3.5" HDD bay sits right on top of the PSU and the heat from that combined with the HDD's own heat may cause premature drive failure. If you really want a HDD, I'd recommend getting a 2.5" laptop HDD. That way it can sit next to the SSD. Something like the HGST Travelstar 7K1000

4. Did you need a disk drive? If you do, remember to get a slim loader. 

Good luck!



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Thanks for the input. Well, I was only using single slot 8gb because i was planning to upgrade later on by adding another 8gb ram. But i am not pretty sure whether 16gb ram will be worth it because ive read somewhere stated that his pc hardly get 8gb ram usage while he has almost the same build as i will. If not then i will gor for 4gbx2.

About the SSD, I am choosing the transcend because it's cheaper than most of the SSD in our country. The SSD that you recommended which is Samsung 850 EVO are expensive here. 128gb would cost approx 84$ (if converted from malaysia currency to USD). While the Transcend 128gb would only cost approx 58$. So thats why..

About the hdd, i will look up for it.

I do not need the use of disk drive. If anything need for example installation from cd or dvd, i will just make an .ISO using my laptop and run it virtually on the desktop.

Also, do you think that the stock processor fan will sufficient to get the processor working in low temp under heavy load? Or should I get better cooling system for it. Im never going to OC my processor althought i'm choose the MAXIMUS VI IMPACT mobo its mainly because it has a nice soundcard build in. I am not the type of person who like to run games at crazy setting like ultra or 4k res. 1080p is more than enough for me.


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Hi jvlapple,

You're probably good getting 2 Sticks of 4 GB RAM right now and upgrading to 4 sticks later because 16 GB is more than enough RAM. \

As for the SSD, honestly I have to agree with Sam here. Transcend is not the best and Samsung currently is one of the best if not the best on the market right now. Its worth the extra money. 

You can find cheap HDD's too so that shouldn't be much of a problem.

Also you may need a disk drive to install Windows unless you're getting the USB install version.

Lastly, the stock processor fan may not be good enough considering the case is so small. But I may be wrong. 



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Thanks PenGaBear.

For this build, Its not possible to get more than 2 stick rams as its on the mini-itx ASUS MAXIMUS IMPACT VI mobo which only allowed maximum of 2 ram stick.

About the SSD, i will consider getting like you guys recommended.

What do you recommend for the CPU cooler apart from the stock one that will fit within the mobo and small space consider that this case has limited space in it.

Thank you.



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Well, the Silverstone [COLOR= rgb(17, 17, 17)]RVZ01 can support coolers up to 83mm which isn't bad. What I'm worried about is the motherboard. That Maximum Impact VI is just so full of stuff. If you have somewhere with a good return policy, I'd try the Noctua NH-L9I. I've had some good experience with that, but it depends on if your motherboard will work with it. Silverstone also has some good low profile coolers. I think the AR04, AR05, AR06 should fit. [/COLOR]

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Thank you for the recommendation.

After reading many sources on the internet, now I've been thinking about Intel Xeon E3-1231 V3 to put into my build. However I'm not sure whether this processor is supported by this MOBO, as it does not list the compatibility on the ASUS website. Since I will not be doing OC, I think this processor is great for this build. TDP is lower than i5/i7 since there's no integrated GPU on it, no need to headache finding good coolant since stock cooler will be sufficient (just my opinion), and since I will be buying a dedicated GPU later, theres is no need of the integrated GPU that the i5/i7 have..

And is the Intel Xeon E3-1231 suit for gaming and overall performance better than Intel Core i5-4570?

What do you think?

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