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The 4790K is a DDR3 Processor and your motherboard is DDR4

If you go DDR3 then the MSI Z97 offers 2 way SLI/crossfire.

Also if you choose DDR3 have a look at Xeon Processors (providing it's a more editing PC) 4790K is the top of the range DDR3.

You would either have to change the board to Z97 or equivalent

Or you can upgrade your processor change to the intel DDR4 range i.e. 5820K 

The x99 boards have decent audio to start with but if you feel you need the separate card then go for it!

I am doing a similar build but DDR3. I'm opting for the HX series supply over the CX as it's more efficient and has additional connectors.

Cost swung me to DDR3 as RAM, Processor & motherboards are far more expensive. Maybe next time though!



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What @auldgrunt said above. You either need to change that CPU to a HEDT CPU, so i7-5820K, i7-5930K, i7-5960X, etc. or you need to go get a Z97 board and some DDR3 memory. 

Also, you have both a Sentey and a Corsair case in your cart. You only need one case. I'd pick the Corsair. FYI the H100i will come with thermal compound pre-applied which is actually decent. You'll only need additional if you plan to remove the original.