Need Input on Budget GAMING Build


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Hey guys,

This is my very first custom build, and I don't have very much experience in this area. I would like you to review/comment on my custom PC build. This particular build is designed to be a budget PC that can be upgraded in the future. I need it for every day tasks (such as schoolwork, and browsing the web), and some light gaming. Please don't hesitate to be brutally honest. Here's my build:

AMD FX 8350 (8 Core) - $149.99

Gigabyte GA-78LMT - 48.45

2 Sticks of 4gb G.Skills X-Series (DDR3) - $29.99

Western Digital Caviar Blue 360gb - $22.90

EVGA GEFORCE GTX-7 0 TI - $119.99

Deepcool TESSARACT Mid-Tower Case - $30.99

Logisys 480W ATX Power Supply - $11.90

Total: $414.21

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Hi NBE, sorry for the delays. 

If you haven't built the rig yet, I'd pickup a 8320e and save a bit of money,(You can overclock that CPU to the same speed as the 8350 without much effort)  that extra money can be put into a better motherboard like this one 

Gigabyte 970 Motherboard

RAM, HDD, and GPU are fine. I'd go with a better power supply, (Logisys PSUs are some of the worst)

And I'd recommend this case.