Non-tech discussion! Who plays an instrument?


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I played guitar for about 8 or 9 years but had to stop since I've been having some pretty extreme health issues for the past 3 years.

Favorite movie right now I think is "I Saw The Devil"



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I played piano when I was younger.... computers replaced it. :)

Favorite movie.... hmm... gotta be the Die Hard series. Can't wait for 5!!!



I tried playing the tuba for a bit, I simply could not hit the low notes. Now I play baritone sax.

Hmm... favourite movie...Into the Wild

Man that euphonium player is ridiculous. I think I shat myself a bit.


Carson Chang

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The only instrument I really took time to learn is the guitar. I still play but not as much. I don't really have a favorite movie. Although I did like R.E.D. (Bruce Willis) and Act of Valor.

I play violin, viola, and am just starting the cello. I'm looking to pick up a viola d'amore some day soon.

As for favorite movie...The Red Violin is one of my top 10 films but I'm not sure it's my favorite...hmm...hard to say.
I know this is gonna sound pretty dumb but my faivorIte movie was Pay It Forward. It gets me everytime
It's a great movie with a great message behind it. The ending is super sad, though, and almost makes me shed a tear everytime. :)

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