not sure about case and coolers


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hey everyone,

im building my first computer and have spend quite some time figuring out the best build for my needs.

however! I ordered everything now except the case as I all of a sudden was in doubt which one would be compatible with my fans and maybe someone could give me advice if I even have enough to keep it cool in there? 

this is how it looks now :

processor: AMD Ryzen threadripper 1950x

cpu cooler: Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3

mainbord: MSI X399 SLI plus

ram: 4x crucial memoery DIMM 8GB, DDR4-2666

grafikcard: Geforce GTX 1080 amp

ssd: Crucial MX300 1TB

case cooler: 2x Noctua NF-A15 PWM

power suply: Corsair HX-Series HX750 80PLUS Platinum

operating system: Windows 10

regarding the case i dont care that much and would actually prefer to just buy a cheap whatever. someone recommended me Anidees Al-Crystal lite black, i think its too expensive but it has quite a lot of fans so maybe i need that? 



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That's a pretty powerful system, so you'll definitely need a good amount of cooling. That case looks fine. It's an ATX case and you have an ATX board. If you want to go even cheaper, there are other alternatives but I typically suggest going with a good case to start with as it's one of those components that you can take along with you for several upgrades.