Virtualbox vs Hyper-V vs VMWare


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Straightforward. Trying to learn how to set up a RHEL cluster so I need to deploy some VMs. I've used Virtualbox a few years ago before Win 10 for some simple web dev servers, but haven't used it in a while. I know a lot of people like Hyper-V and VMware... well it's VMware. Before I spend time on this, which one is the best/least annoying to use? 



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Haven't really tried the hypervisors listed for your purpose, but I've used Virtualbox previously for dev servers and sandboxed testing and it's great. Plus it's free which is even better. Hyper-V... I use with Docker. Not bad either and I think Hyper-V is better performing as well. Not a huge fan of paying for VMware when Virtualbox and Hyper-V are free.