What's Intel Management Engine Interface? Should I install it?


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I got a Intel system about a year ago and I'm doing a clean install of Windows. Came across a driver in the motherboard's chipset drivers called Intel Management Engine but it's not very clearly explained what Intel Management Engine does. I'm trying to run with as few softwares and drivers as I need to speed up my PC. Do I need to install this? 



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Intel Management Engine Interface is a driver/software that interfaces with the Intel Management Engine sub-system built into Intel CPUs. Basically Intel ME Interface helps Windows talk to the CPU. Especially if you want to use some of the overclocking or undervolting features of Intel's XTU utility, you need Intel ME. Definitely install it. Intel also typically has a INF file for you to install as well which is the driver file for the CPU. You want to install that too. No idea why Intel splits their driver into multiple drivers, but that's just the way they do it.