How to Order the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range

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How to Order the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range 1

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk first announced the Tesla Model 3, he promised the world that it would start at $35,000 USD. At the time, this generated an incredible amount of interest for the vehicle however, as production began, Tesla quickly realized that selling a $35,000 Model 3 isn’t very profitable. As a result, several years after its release, Tesla removed the $35,000 Standard Range model from the Tesla Design Studio website, leaving the most affordable Tesla Model 3 on the the Tesla Design Studio website the $39,990 Standard Range Plus.

While many believed that Tesla discontinued the $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 and Elon Musk lied to the world, Tesla actually still offers the $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 and YouTuber Car Confections recently posted a video detailing the process.

Now, if you’re wondering what’s the difference between the Model 3 Standard Range vs the Standard Range Plus, the Standard Range Model 3 is actually nearly identical to the Standard Range Plus Model 3. However, it has a reduced range which is software locked to 220 miles rather than the 250 miles of the Standard Range Plus model. It also has a slightly lowered top speed of 129.9 MPH compared to 139.8 MPH of the Standard Range Plus and does 0-60 MPH in 5.9 seconds rather than 5.3 seconds. However, if that doesn’t bother you, then the Model 3 Standard Range is still an amazing vehicle well worth buying!


1. Go to the Tesla Website and Order a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus

The first step is to go to the Tesla website and configure a base Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus. This isn’t a trick. You’ll need to go through the entire process of ordering the Model 3 Standard Range Plus with the options you want and pay the order fee of $100 which will start the order process. Do not add full self driving, special paint colors interior colors, wheels, etc. These will increase the price of the vehicle. Obviously.


2. Wait for the Motor Vehicle Order Agreement, but Don’t Do Anything

As soon as you submit your order with the deposit, Tesla will begin to process your order. You will receive a Motor Vehicle Order Agreement which will detail your Tesla Model 3 order which includes the final purchase price. You will also receive a VIN# which will be the VIN# for your future car.



3. Call Tesla to Switch Your Order

Once you have your VIN #, call a Tesla Store. Give the Tesla employee your VIN # and have them switch your Model 3 order from Standard Range Plus to Standard Range.


4. Wait for a New Motor Vehicle Order Agreement

Once your Model 3 order is switched, the process will take several days to complete. Once complete, your updated paperwork will reflect that you ordered a Tesla Model 3 for $35,000. Once your order agreement is correct, confirm the order.

Do not confirm the order agreement until you see the correct price!


4. Take Delivery

That’s it! Once you’ve completed the steps above, simply wait the prescribed amount of time for Tesla to custom build you Model 3 Standard Range and deliver it to your local Tesla delivery center. Enjoy!

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