Review Policy

The goal of Gear Primer is to provide the highest quality, unbiased, independent technology reviews for our website. All of our product reviews are based on real world findings as consumers, not as sponsored employees of 3rd party companies. Under no circumstances will we change the outcome of our review due to manufacturer request; however, we are human and we do make mistakes from time to time, so reviews may be updated if errors are discovered. Of course, all updates will be dated within the review. If a new revision of a product is released after we’ve published our review, please feel free to contact us and we will make a note on the review itself noting that a new revision has been released.

Gear Primer reserves the right to refuse any product reviews. While we do our best to review all products we feel fit for our audience, we may refuse to review products we deem not in the scope of our expertise or if we believe we do not have the proper resources or equipment for a comprehensive review of the product in a reasonable time frame.

Products sent to Gear Primer for review is property its respective manufacturer/PR agency and will remain so until the completion of the review. At the conclusion of the review, if a product isn’t requested back either prior to the review or within a reasonable time frame after, the product may be used for our long term testing, sold, or given away. Per Gear Primer policy, samples requested back must include a return shipping label or one must be provided at the conclusion of the review.

All of our editorial staff strictly adhere to NDA and embargo agreements.

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Sam Chen

Sam is a Southern California native and an avid tool and gear enthusiast. When he's not working his day job, he enjoys spending his time working on remodeling projects, cars, and the outdoors. Follow him on Twitter @realsamchen