VW ID.3 Deliveries May Start Next Month, Well Ahead of Schedule

by | Last updated Feb 15, 2020 | Automotive

VW ID.3 Deliveries May Start Next Month, Well Ahead of Schedule 1

Volkswagen may be on track to delivering vehicles ahead of schedule as a recent article from UK based financial website, This is Money reports that the first 35 Volkswagen ID.3 electric cars will be delivered around March 28 or 29 by Alan day Group, a UK dealership which was allotted 35 of the first UK deliveries of the ID.3. This is several months ahead of schedule as Volkswagen originally anticipated deliveries occurring close to mid-2020.

The Volkswagen ID.3 was first unveiled in May 2019 and is Volkswagen’s all new electric hatchback design. Initially, Volkswagen will sell the ID.3 1st which includes a 58 kWh battery. It will come in 3 trim levels – Base, Plus, and Max and start at under €40,000. Later, Volkswagen will introduce the 45 kWh variant of the ID.3 which will start under €30,000. The 58 kWh variant has an WLTP rated range of 420 km (260 miles) while the 45 kWh and 77 kWh variants have ranges of 330 km (205 miles) and 550 km (341 miles) respectively.

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