Tesla Now Forcing Software Updates to Enhance Security

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Tesla Now Forcing Software Updates to Enhance Security 1
Tesla Model 3 Interior | Source: Tesla

According to recent posts on Twitter, Tesla owners who have not updated their in-car software have begun receiving notices to update their vehicles or lose access to critical connected car features such as the Tesla Mobile App, streaming media content, voice commands, and more. The notice which was appeared in numerous Tesla owners’ vehicles recently cites “increased security” for the Tesla network as the reason for the mandatory update and owners have until May 1, 2020 to update to at least version 2019.40.2.3.

The message Tesla owners have received is as follows:

“The Tesla network is undergoing enhancements for increased security. In order to maintain compatibility with and access to connected vehicle features, this vehicle requires a software update to at least version 2019.40.2.3. If not updated prior to 1-May-2020, this vehicle may no longer be able to receive over-the-air software updates, access the Tesla Mobile App & associated features, utilize voice commands, receive streaming media content, and other connectivity dependent features may be impacted. Please install the available software update by selecting the yellow clock icon and choosing a convenient time. If you are persistently experiencing software update installation failures, please schedule a service appointment via Tesla Mobile App.”

Tesla Over-the-Air (OTA) updates are easily one of the best features of owning a Tesla, but some owners are still resistant to updating citing fear of potential stability concerns and other issues. While this may inconvenience a few stragglers who don’t want to update, mandating software updates to the vehicles are a positive thing as one vulnerability of Tesla vehicles is that they are all connected. As a result, security issues are a real concern which must be addressed via security updates.

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