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July 5, 2017

The Best Cordless Power Tool Brands of 2019

Buying a new power tool these days is tricky. Unlike the old days when corded power tools was the only option, cordless power tools bring an extra layer of complexity as now you’re not only buying the power tool itself, but you’re also buying into the brand’s ecosystem. Until the day the cordless power tool industry decides to standardize on a certain type of battery technology along with a certain type of battery design, the best way to purchase cordless power tools is to choose based on the brand’s power tool ecosystem rather than the merits of individual power tools themselves.

As such, today we’ll be discussing some of the best and [...]

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July 4, 2017

Milwaukee Tool Expands Warnings on M18 High Demand 9Ah Battery Pack

Milwaukee Tool recently announced that they’re expanding warnings on their M18 High Demand 9Ah Battery Pack.

According to the recent press release, the Milwaukee Tool M18 High Demand 9Ah battery pack (Model# 48-11-1890) may short-circuit if highly conductive or highly corrosive fluids get inside the battery pack. As a result, the battery pack may fail or in a worst case scenario may result in smoking or a fire even when not in use at the time.

Milwaukee Tool is taking precautionary action by issuing expanded warnings and instructions for the battery pack. The expanded instructions are currently available at Milwaukee Tool’s website here. Customers [...]

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