Console gamers, XIM4 for Mouse/Keyboard on Overwatch?


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So I don't have a good gaming laptop yet, but hopefully that's coming soon. In the meantime, does anybody here have a PS4? I've been hearing a lot about XIM4 which emulates the controller input so you can connect a mouse and keyboard to the PS4. I haven't done a lot of gaming on PC, but from what I've been hearing, it's basically like cheating since mouse and keyboard is better than controller. Reviews look good as well. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Here's what I'm talking about

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Haha that thing. Yeah my friend has one and yeah it's like cheating. I mean, you're playing with a mouse and keyboard while everyone else is using a gamepad. I don't care what some console gamers believe. Gamepads will never be better than mouse and keyboard for stuff like RTS or FPS games. Just won't happen. But yeah, he basically play everything with that. Been telling him to get a PC to play with mouse/keyboard for years, but seems like he just turned his console into a PC haha.