Ryzen which motherboard ?


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I want to build a pc with a 1800x or 1700x but didnt decide yet which one, performance seems just a bit lower for a $100 saving with the 1700x.
 After some research, i didn't find any motherboards with 2 NVME M.2 Ultra to use 2 Samsung 960 in raid 0.

i am even not sure if it is possible with those AM4 motherboard. 

In some review, they also said that Optane will not be available on AM4 motherboards... so how can i upgrade with a dual channel memory + 
no possibility to improve my storage ?



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Since reviews aren't out, I can't say for sure whether the 1800x or 1700x is the way to go. The 1800X is supposedly a more overclockable chip than the 1700X, so if you're looking for maximum overclocks, then I'd probably go that route otherwise, I think the bang for the buck chip for AMD's initial launch will definitely be that 1700X.

As for mobos with multiple M.2, generally you aren't likely to find motherboards that feature more than 1 M.2 slot, even on the Intel side. I know Gigabyte came out with one that has like 3x M.2 slots a while back, but that's probably the one board they made just to test the market. You'll probably do better with just a board with a lot of PCIe slots then just putting multiple M.2 expansion cards in to get what you need. I'm sure someone will develop a dual or quad M.2 expansion card with some PLX switches or something in it down the line as M.2 becomes more popular. They currently exist in the enterprise, but haven't trickled its way down yet. What are you trying to do with all those M.2 960's anyhow? Just curious. If it's capacity, Samsung has 2TB Samsung 960 PROs out. 

As for Optane, yes so far that's a Intel only feature and it's not even compatible with most Intel stuff. Either way, if you get a Samsung 960 PRO, I highly doubt a 3D XPoint caching solution will be much faster. Never had much faith in caching when it comes to these things. Go full solid state or don't. Go full 3D XPoint or don't. That said, I haven't seen any performance demos or anything for Optane, so that's just my 2c.