WD Black, WD Blue, Seagate Barracuda - Which HDD Best for Gaming?


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I'm putting together my first gaming pc build and I'm a bit confused as to which HDD is the best to use. I'm looking at the WD Black, WD Blue and Seagate Barracuda ATM, not sure if I should be looking at HGST or Toshiba or the other brands. All the drives are 7,200RPM and they all look similar. The WD Black is a bit more expensive, but it has the same exact specs as the WD Blue... Seagate Barracuda also has the same specs, but priced at the same as the WD Blue. I know I should get a SSD, but I'm trying to save up for a larger capacity one later on. I already have a 128GB that I'm going to scavenge from my current system so this HDD will be only for storing games and such. 



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All three drives are comparable in terms of performance and you won't see much difference. The WD Black does have a longer 5 year warranty vs the WD Blue and Seagate Barracuda which has a 2 year. If you want to go the Seagate route and want the longer warranty, Seagate offers the Seagate Barracuda Pro which has the 5 year warranty. Given where the SSD industry is headed over the next couple years, I'd personally just pick based on the price. In five years, SSDs will reach price parity with HDDs or better.