Custom PC - Strong engineering profile


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Goodmorning guys, hi to everyone. I'm Luigi and I'm approaching my first year of PhD in Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering. I've had a custom Alienware desktop, bought 11 years ago, with the following specifications:
Intel i7 920 @2.67 GHz
GeForce GTX 660 (changed from 260) 2x
This computer worked wonderfully for the whole period and was able to perform decently my computations until now. I'm facing the issue that I'm starting my PhD in Orbit Optimization and, therefore, I need a really badass pc that is able to perform calculations really fast (sometimes we need to test propagation and convergencies for 8+ hours, let's say Matlab is the main tool we use but in the truth we use private compilers which are more powerful but also need more energy)

Moreover, I also need a good setup in order to render in Solidworks/CATIA and similar programs

If the custom you're going to suggest me is also able to let me play sometimes some games (Shadow of the tomb raider, Assassin's creed, for example), then it's better :)
My budget can go as high as 3000€.

Thank you for your help!