Earn Money W/ Your iPhone


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Hey guys. Just thought I'd share this tip with you. If you have an Android Device or iPhone you can download an app called App Trailers and use the Web App App Redeem to earn amazon or paypal credits. It's simple you either watch the trailers available or download the apps to gain points. Then you can redeem these points for amazon, paypal, or a variety of more giftcards. So if you'd like to try it out please use my referral code jal7141 which will automatically add 50 points to your account and also help out a fellow CPCR member. Thanks and GLHF



Hm, may aswell use this until it gets taken off by Apple, sounds fun! Though it is seriously not allowed according to Apple's guidlines.

1000 points = $1
Most apps give 10 points, and there are aren't that many free apps, I don't think you could get $1 from apps alone, not sure what the other stuff is because it did not load for me.



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I watch the videos while im watching tv, so I'm up to $16. It's not gonna be a primary job but It works well for when you're not doing anything. remember if you sign up use my code preferrably on App Trailers, I get more credit there :p



I'm always really suspicious towards these kind of apps... Most of the time there is an awful catch to it or they just downright ripping you off.

Have you even tried to use the redeem codes they give you?
For example N number of points give you $1,- for Amazon, but can you actually redeem more than one code in the same order? If not than having saved up $21,- requires 21 orders to actually use it...

If it actually works the way this way and there is no catch, then awesome! Might as well give it a try when I want to order something online! ;)
Until it get's taken of Apple store, cause like Gorman already said... it's a fat chance that it's against Apple's regulation! Haha :biggrin:



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To be honest I'm not sure if you can redeem 21 at once or 1 at a time but I do know it works because I tested it with 1 dollar as soon as possible. It has no catches so go ahead and use it. And use my code, "jal7141" to help me out. And then when buying from amazon use CPCR's link to help Sam and the site out.