Next Gen chat 2013


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Heya gang.
With the announcement of the PS4 and soon the Next XBOX.

Are you excited about them?

How do you think next gen will benefit our current gaming PC's?
will our PC's finally utilize their true power or will it break them? :eek: lol.

I'm currently unsure whether or not I should use my money on building a new PC or saving it for a PS4/Vita... I'm a sucker for Sony exclusive games.
I missed an opportunity last year for a GTX 670, afraid that will happen again.



i have always been an xbox gamer, the only game i play on PC is the diablo series
any game that is made for pc and not just a port from a console will be superior (if played on a high end machine)
in the begining the next gen consoles will be right up there challenging hardcore pc gaming, but as you wont be able to upgrade etc, they will soon fall behind
then again to stay upto date with a gaming pc does cost alot in the long run

i am interrested to see what xbox is going to offer



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Well, with most PC games these days simply being ports from consoles, I think PC gaming does stand to gain quite a bit when we get a hardware upgrade on the consoles. Graphics for one I think will improve significantly, but what's more is I think it was a very wise decision for Sony to move to a x86 platform with the PS4 from the PPC platform from the PS3. Since the Xbox and PCs both use the x86 platform, multiplatform games will be so much easier for PS4 developers and would free up a ton of resources previously used for porting games to and from the PS3 elsewhere such as fixing bugs or adding new features and such.

That said, it's not likely the next gen consoles (at least the PS4) will break the PC. From what I've seen, the specs on the PS4 at least is like 8 ~1GHz AMD Jaguar CPU cores + an AMD Radeon 7870ish equivalent graphics. What's awesome about the PS4 though is that it has a shared 8GB (I believe) GDDR5 memory between the CPU and the GPU. This makes everything so much more efficient since stuff cached in the CPU's memory doesn't have to be transferred to the GPU and vice versa. It seems like when AMD the whole APU thing, this is kinda where they wanted to go with ultra powerful graphics and decent CPU on a single chip. With the PS4, I think AMD was given the opportunity to do it and I'm really excited to see what they've come up with.



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Yeah, the PS4 specs sound pretty awesome.
Killzone Shadows Fall looks great! and they developed it with the old dev kits when it only had 2GB of GDDR5(some of my non-PC gamer friends didn't believe the demo was real time, hahaha!)

I can't wait to see how Watch_Dogs runs on our PC's, the developers claim the PC is lead platform and ported to everything else.

Hope the XBOX Event is soon, I want to see if the Durango "leaks" are true.



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Oh yeah, Killzone Shadow Fall definitely looks amazing. In game CG in that almost looks like CG you'd see in a pre-rendered movie. With graphics cards only getting more and more powerful, I can't imagine what graphics are gonna look like in 2-3 years.

Oh wow, I didn't think they were still working on Watch Dogs haha. Heard about that at E3 a while back. Guess that's going to be a PS4 launch title eh? Nice! Just saw some in game footage. I like... a lot :)

Yeah, can't wait to see what's in store for Durango. Wonder if it'll be an AMD designed part as well. Doesn't seem likely that Intel or IBM would be a partner for the CPUs and I'm sure Microsoft'll be going with x86/x64 parts this time as well. PPC was cool, but x86/x64 just has so many more advantages. TBH I think the APU architecture is the way to go for the next generation consoles. I haven't really been caught up with the rumors though. Heard anything that's likely on the Durango?



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Haha, yeah that's what I've been hearing on Durango as well. Course, can't really trust the leaks. Last I saw VGLeaks had a pretty detailed thing on the Durango CPU. Probably the most legit thing I've seen on Durango, but I still take it with a grain of salt hahahahaha.

Durango CPU Overview -

Oh nice! I haven't seen that demo. Looks sweet! Really can't wait although I've never been into the Killzone series all that much.



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Ubisoft is going to start developing games for PC and port down to the consoles now that the PS4 has x86. Pretty sweet.



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I loved Killzone 2... 3 wasn't as good as it should have been, hoping they get on track with this one.

They also confirmed that all 12 of Sony's 1st party developers are working on Next Gen games, so I hope we get another Warhawk... and I hope Santa Monica studios finally works on something other than God of War.

And as for Microsoft... they REALLY need to focus on exclusive games this generation, the only games I'm "kind of" interested in are Halo and Gears of War, mainly just for the co-op but they have nothing else.

I recently read an article that was vaguely about this subject;

A computer in console's clothing

By using an x86-based processing architecture for the PS4, developers should find it a breeze to work with the system, and the process of porting console games to Windows PCs (and vice versa) will also be simplified. The current-gen PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles both use IBM-designed chips, with developers criticizing Sony's deeply custom Cell processor as being particularly difficult to work with—a problem as consoles become increasingly computer-like.

The next-generation "Xbox 720" console from Microsoft has also been rumored to use a similar Jaguar-based APU from AMD, but the console has yet to even be officially announced, much less detailed.

The PlayStation 4's internals largely mirror those of traditional computers. When compared to PC-based gaming rigs, the PlayStation 4 is basically powered by a low-end CPU and a midrange GPU. When compared to prices of gaming PCs, however—which typically cost $700 at the low end—the PS4 could offer a better price-to-performance ratio, and in a much smaller package.

But, even so, I agree with one of the comments that was made on this page.

"I'm buying the PS4 for the exclusive games it will have yet still owning a decent gaming PC. It's all about the games when it boils down to it. If you hate consoles then don't buy one. It's as SIMPLE as that.

As for me, I love GAMES no matter where the platform is."

It all boils down to what games you plan on playing, how you plan on playing them, and if you like the games they offer.

You said you like Sony exclusive games, so don't hold back! Get the PS4 if/when you want one (and you can afford it), and the games are compelling enough for you to. And don't forget, there are always the holiday sales that happen for these devices (especially since, IIRC i heard it wasn't coming out tell the holiday season).


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:D Assassin's Creed IV Black Flags looks awesome... I still haven't played 3! can't wait to see how the graphics look on next gen/PC.