Hwy guys! Announcement?


This is just a small glimpse on what I been up to and what I plan on doing for the next couple months.

My computer broke down and just recently I acquired my brand new Asus N53S laptop. I'm loving it so far.

But anyways in regards to CPCR, I should be pumping out more gaming news articles. With the Q3/4 approaching it is the necessary time in order to build up hype as to what is to comes, indie or not.

I setup a YT channel in order to provide video gaming news in order for you guys to get some glimpses of gameplay footage.
Cause who doesn't love gameplay footage? Ammirite?
I would love to see how many of you guys are willing to support me and what content that you guys all specifically want to see.
So post in this thread anything you are looking forward to.

Side Note:
Planetside 2 is closely approaching. Me and my friends might quite possibly set up a clan. If you guys are interested we should try to get this ball rolling. Nothing will be more epic then the group of us storming a strong hold.

email- [email protected]
yt- xKonquest - YouTube
skype- kleptophilia



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I love scouring the Youtube for funny gameplay things, like glitches of trolling video's
i think most people would agree, also maybe own moments like killing 5 people with 1 shot or something along those lines.



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Subscribed sir... and I'd like to join a clan on Planetside 2! I can't wait to give that game a go, looks awesome.



I really should make my friend flo record some tf2. He's amazinh. I'm garbage, I haven't played enough to be good.